Yacht & Boat Registration

How we can assist

We can assist in finding the most suitable country for your needs and undertake the registration procedure from point A to Z. We currently undertake registrations in the United Kingdom, Delaware, Seychelles, Marshall Islands and Belize. If it is required either by the jurisdiction or for greater protection of your assets, we can incorporate a company to register as the vehicle’s owner.

Listed below are the benefits of registering yachts in the jurisdictions offered:


Delaware provides an easy registration procedure with minimal paperwork. It is a speedy procedure concluded in three days because a survey is not required. It enjoys international recognition and mostly recommended by registration providers. The registration is valid for three years.

Marshall Islands

The Marshall Islands flag has good reputation internationally. No tax is imposed on profits from the vehicle’s operation. We can register an International Business Company with Marshall Islands, which also offers for asset protection against lawsuits and claims. Also, the maritime offers their services worldwide, offering support in many jurisdictions.


Seychelles is an attractive offshore yacht registration jurisdiction. It is ideal for individuals wishing to maintain their confidentiality. As a member of the Commonwealth and the United Nations, the Seychelles flag profits from an international friendly treatment. Also, it offers high quality with low fees. It can be achieved, by registering a Seychelles International Company (IBC) with the Seychelles International Business Authority (SIBA).

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is ranked high in the list of the most recognisable and reputable flags in the maritime community. The flag is valid for 5 years and the procedure of renewal is straightforward. The fees and the registration process are the same for private and commercial use. It does not require much paperwork.