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We offer a comprehensive selection of corporate services from a broad range of countries at competitive prices. We count more than 50 dedicated associates and representatives and it is our mission to constantly expand our services list, in accordance with the la

Once you hire our services, a member of our team will undertake the whole procedure from step a to z and you won’t deal with any paperwork. Our team is bound to carry out every task swiftly and effectively with professionalism and expertise, giving prompt answers to each of your enquiries. Our associates and representatives are carefully selected, providing the highest level of services at the best price and in a timely manner.

Make us your ally in discovering unique individual business solutions, we offer:


We are led by a strong code of confidentiality and aim to protect our clients’ sensitive information and their personal data. Our website and communication systems provide ultimate security as any personal data inserted by our clients is encrypted. Technical controls ensure that export of our customers’ data is not a possibility.

Substantial Continuous Support

Constant consultation and guidance is provided to ensure that you receive the best quality services possible. Supporting you by monitoring the case until you receive your business package is our go-to strategy to make you feel safe and confident regarding your decisions when visualizing and developing your business plans.

Competitive Price Policy

Transparency in pricing being intermediary-free, breaking the myth that high quality services go hand in hand with pricy demands. Our aim is to guarantee that you receive the best, by the best and through the best prices.

Integrity and due diligence

Buy Now Companies, our associates and representatives are members of professional bodies, regulated under prudent supervision. Always working on the benefit of our clientele, we work under a lawful environment, providing the best business standards in a practical and legal manner. Mindfulness leads us in preventing international money laundering and implementing strict risk control procedures and balances.

Strong Executive Team

Expert professionals providing guidance and information regarding Company Incorporation, Renewal, Re-domiciliation and Dissolution, Shelf Companies, Virtual Offices, Auditing, Residency & Citizenship Programs, E-banks and Trusts.

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BNC Buy Now Companies Ltd
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Registered Office:
Driadon 1,
1st Floor, 6041,
Larnaca, Cyprus