Virtual Office

Our Virtual Office Services

It is widely believed that an offshore company’s address is just a P.O. letterbox and not an actual office. By having an operational office, mandated with persons who are promptly responding to communication directed to your company, you are raising the trust of the people you wish to convey with, banks for instance.

Our virtual office services are comprehensive and include all aspects of administrative support you may need. We will provide you with telephone number and personnel to take all your calls promptly.

Benefits of a virtual office:

  1. The address and telephone number can be used on business cards and company’s website, giving your business substance.
  2. Receiving and forwarding calls at working hours helps to establish a more professional presence for your business.
  3. Instead of using your home address, you will have an alternative address for correspondence with local government authority, banks and more.
  4. We are ensuring that you will never miss a call from your clients or people interested in your business.Worldwide call transfers, will transpose your business to an international level.

We offer virtual office services in the United Kingdom, Cyprus and Dubai (UAE).