Residency in the Schengen Area

Schengen Residency Programs

Specific Schengen zone countries offer investor residency visas which allow for free travel throughout the Schengen zone. Some of the countries which support relevant programs are Cyprus, Greece, Latvia, Malta and Portugal, on which we also specialize.

These programs are appropriate for investors who do not wish to emigrate, but provide the flexibility of residing, should there is the need to do so. In most cases, if permanent residency is undertaken by the investor, then citizenship of the country can be applied for.

We take care of all your paperwork

To achieve your immigration to the EU, we manage the collection of all the necessary documentation, oversee the procedures and remain in constant contact with local authorities until your residence permit is acquired. In the case of a real estate purchase, we handle the whole procedure, from drafting the contract to handing the keys.

Our services include:

  1. Managing all the necessary documents.
  2. Overseeing all the procedures and transactions needed for your preferred scheme.
  3. Following up with the authorities for your EU Residency permit.
  4. Answer all your questions of a general nature.
    Provide you with a dedicated account manager, who is a specialist in law and is at your disposal throughout the year to help you achieve your goals.

Subordinated Equity Investment

Investors can expect to receive an annual return on a subordinated loan of a specific amount, depending on each country, after which an EU residence permit is granted for 5 years in average. The permit is renewable until the deposit is withdrawn by the investor.

Benefits for the investor:

  • Annual return on investment.
  • EU residence permit granted and renewable until the deposit is withdrawn by the investor.

Real Estate Investment

People who invest an amount of transaction equal to or greater than specific fixed amounts into the purchase of real estate are granted an unlimited EU residence permit that remains valid providing that the real estate remains in the possession of the investor. Each member of an investor’s family can obtain the EU residence permit at the same time.

Benefits for the investor:

  • EU residence permit is valid while the real estate belongs to the investor
  • Investor own a piece of prime real estate within the EU and benefits from a politically stable environment and rising real estate prices.

Business Investment

Investments directly into the equity of a company, will receive an EU residence permit that is valid while the investor is a shareholder of the company. Providing that the company has a fixed number of employees, and the annual balance sheet of the company is less than a specific amount.

Benefits for the investor:

  • EU Residence permit is valid while the company equity belongs to investor.
  • Investor personally owns part of an EU company.
  • Investor’s family is granted EU Residency

Investment in State Securities

Investors can receive an EU residence permit that is valid while they hold the securities. There is no obligation for the annual registration of residence permit and the investor and his family are granted EU residency.

Benefits for the investor:

  • EU Residence permit is valid while the State Securities belong to the investor.
  • Investor is invested in one of the safest investments in the world: EU State Securities.
  • Investor’s family is granted EU Residency