European Bank Account

Details on Opening a European bank account

This type of account is for businesses or individuals who engage in many transactions involving large sums coming or going to the European Union. Also, Euro is widely accepted as one of the strongest and most stable currencies in the world and by default the European banks use English as their main language for electronic applications and communication.

Despite that it is not easy to open a European bank account for non-residents, we will suggest banks to you which allow remote account opening or if it is considered necessary assist you to incorporate a European Company. We can assist from step a to z to open your bank account.

There are high standards in Europe for financial institutions and the regulatory framework for Anti-Money Laundering is very strict, therefore a European Bank Account will be highly regarded by the people you convey with, raising the trust of your business.


  1. Cost between EU countries same as domestic
  2. Higher trust and security
  3. Financial viability of Institutions
  4. Quickly processed transactions
  5. Cutting edge technology
  6. Transaction tracking

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