Details on opening an e-Bank account

E-bank accounts are multi-currency and they offer considerably low exchange rates. Commercial transactions are processed immediately which is crucial in the high demanding international business world. Most e-banks do not charge any fee for internal transactions and currency exchange.

Transaction tracking is also a very useful tool offered by e-banks, especially when a business account is accessed by many individuals. A great advantage that e-banks have in comparison to traditional bank accounts is that they can be integrated into your workflow by synchronising with the applications used by your business for logistics and economics.

We will present you with the financial institutions we cooperate with and assist from step a to z to open your bank account.


Corporate Prepaid Card

Clients of whom the company is in good standing may wish to apply for additional services, such as a corporate prepaid card. Providing a card itself is subject to the acceptance of the application by the issuing bank to an agreement between the client and the card provider.

The card is based on confidentiality as the holder’s name is not visible and it is not registered on the magnetic strip or the chip.
A safety and funding account is created which is able to separate the funds already available on the card with the funds waiting to be located on the card.

The card is secured with a chip and a PIN code. SMS and email notifications are activated for maximum protection.


  1. Quick and remote account opening
  2. Quickly processed transactions
  3. Cutting edge technology
  4. Transaction tracking
  5. Multicurrency accounts
  6. International payments
  7. Extremely low transaction fee
  8. Adjustable to your business needs