Company Re-domiciliation

Company Re-Domiciliation Details

The business is neither interrupted, nor disrupted; on the contrary, the company maintains its original date of incorporation and it is just transferred to a different jurisdiction with a different registered address.

One reason why someone might want to do that is that a different jurisdiction may offer advantages which were not offered by the existing one. Also, it is possible that you registered a company in a specific jurisdiction because of an attractive element in the legislation and now this element is not present anymore.


The process of migrating the company to a different jurisdiction is of course easier than transferring assets, contracts or items one by one.

Given that both jurisdictions allow the continuation, the procedure is straightforward and all it requires is to file with the registry the needed documents for the migration. In most cases, the company will need to submit a special resolution which confirms the intention of the company to migrate, continuation articles, a director’s solvency statement and a consent letter by a registered agent. Depending on each individual case, other documents might be required.