Dominica (Commonwealth)
International Business Company (IBC)

Benefits of Dominica International Business Company


    1 Director, 1 Shareholder Required, No Locals


    Incorporation in 4-6 days


    Legal System Based on Common Law


    Liberal Tax Regime


    No Public Record for Directors and Shareholders


    Simple Procedure for Filing Financial Records and Auditing

Dominica IBC’s activities

Under the Dominica legislation the Dominica IBC is an independent legal personality and has the same capacity to engage in any business provided that the activity is allowed by its memorandum and articles of association, the Laws of Dominica and does not require a license such as bank, insurance, assurance, collective investment schemes etc. Also, a prime limitation imposed by the Laws of Dominica is that the IBC is not permitted to carry out  business with Dominica residents or owning an interest in real property situated in Dominica, in order to be exempt from local taxes.

Dominica IBC is optimal for:

  1. International Business
  2. Web Business
  3. Asset Protection
  4. Wealth Management
  5. Consultancy Services

International Business Company incorporation checklist

If you are considering the incorporation of Dominica IBC, you should take into consideration the following points:

Company’s name

It must not contain sensitive words which are prohibited by legislation. The use of the following words is prohibited without appropriate licence: “Building Society”, “Chamber of Commerce”, “Chartered”, “Cooperative”, “Imperial”, “Municipal”, “Royal”, “Assurance” “Bank”, “Insurance”, “Trust” and any other words implying connection with university or professional association. There is also a prohibition for words implying patronage of the governments, official bodies and agencies.

The company’s name must not be very similar to existing names on the registrar and it must not contain improper or objectionable words. It must end with a word or abbreviation signifying a corporate body or limited liability, for example such words are “Limited”, “LTD”, “Corporation”, “Societe Anonyme” and “Sociedad Anonima” “S.A.”, “Corp”

Registered office

A Dominica IBC is required to have a registered office address in Dominica which must be provided by an authorized registered agent in Dominica.


One director is the minimum required. There is no requirement for them to be locals and there’s no requirement regarding the place and frequency of board meetings.

Corporate persons can become directors. The director and shareholder can be the same person. The directors’ details are not registered on the public record and cannot be accessed by the public, those details are only held by the registered agent of the IBC, who is bound by the law to keep this information.


The appointment of a secretary is not mandatory, but optional.


One shareholder is the minimum required. There’s no requirement for them to be locals and corporate persons can become shareholders. There is no requirement regarding the place and frequency of shareholders’ meetings.

The director and shareholder can be the same person. The shareholders’ details are not registered on the public record and cannot be accessed by the public, those details are only held by the registered agent of the IBC who is bound by the law to keep this information.

Beneficial owners

The beneficial owners’ details are not registered on the public record and cannot be accessed by the public, those details are only held by the registered agent of the IBC who is bound by the law to keep this information.

Share capital

The owners of an IBC are free to determine any amount as the authorized capital at incorporation but not less than $100 USD and it can be denominated in any currency, though the US Dollar is mostly preferred, and the amount of $50.000 USD is suggested. The authorized capital is the maximum amount of capital that the company is authorised by its constitutional documents to draw from its shareholders in exchange of the shares issued.

Dominica IBC may have registered shares, with or without par value, with or without voting rights, preferential or common and may be issued in any currency. Bearer shares are permitted but they must be held by a custodian.   

Paid up capital

No requirement is imposed on minimum paid up capital at incorporation, this means that the owners of an IBC are not required to set a deadline as to when such capital must be paid up.

Incorporation period

An IBC in Dominica can be incorporated within 4-6 days, Dominica is considered to have one of the fastest registries worldwide.

Shelf companies

Ready-made but unused IBCs are available in Dominica, in case you are in need of a quicker incorporation process.

Economic substance

The legislation of Dominica does contain any requirements regarding the economic substance of the IBC. This means that the company is not required to have premises and an adequate number of employees, the number of expenditures to support its activity in Dominica.  In that sense International Business Company must have an address within the territory of Dominica that will be registered as a company’s address.

Accounting records and annual returns

The IBC must prepare and keep accounting records in Dominica, about its assets and liabilities to reflect accurately its financial situation. After 2019, some changes were introduced; for IBC it became a requirement to file annual tax return and accountings to the relevant authorities.


Dominica does not provide a tax emption regime, for the International business companies. The income tax rate is 25%. It applies on worldwide basis, which means that any income of the Dominica IBC, notwithstanding the source and territory will be taxed on the 25% rate. However, some changes were announced by the legislators regarding the mitigation of that rate in the future. Dominica does not have any taxes on dividends, interest and royalties. Also, it is noteworthy that Dominica is not a part of different “tax Heavens” lists. The value added tax is 15% but can be reduced for certain types and categories of food and services. IBC may not be registered as a player of the VAT until its turnover is less than $92.000 USD (XCD 250.000)

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