Merchant Account and Payment Gateway


If you are looking for tools which will help you process transactions with the customers of your business, then payment gateway is the alternative economic solution. The payment service providers who we will present you with support a variety of transactional needs and they are compatible with all electronic devices. Through payment gateways you can save time and money, cutting out manual tasks.


  1. Quick and remote account opening
  2. Customisable features
  3. Multi-currency account support
  4. International low-cost transfers
  5. Web security

Payment gateways allow remote account opening and are ideal for individuals who need of a bank account immediately. They provide instant tracking tools for the control of your transactions. We will assist you from step a to z to open a merchant account. A merchant account is linked to a bank account in a way that permits a company to receive payments in numerous ways, classically by Credit and/or Debit card. This account is established under an agreement between an acceptor and a merchant acquiring bank for the settlement of payment card transactions.

Services provided by a standard merchant account:

  • Card payment services
  • Merchant payment gateway: integration options, user-friendly integration, multiple sales channels, risk check system for fraud anticipation.
  • Other services: multi-currency processing and settlement,
    shopping cart integration, shopping cart plug-in.

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